Weeding Out Junk Mail, Part 2

In Part 1, I outlined the first step for reducing your junk mail by unsubscribing from many advertisers at once.

I wish I could tell you that first step would remove all your junk mail. Unfortunately, local marketing mail will still get to your mailbox. Here’s how I sort the remaining stuff:

1. Open all the envelopes. Place the ones that have return envelopes in a pile.

  • Find the page that has your address printed on it and any codes or account numbers.
  • On that page, circle your address and write: "Pls remove from mailing lists”
  • Stick that page in the matching envelope.
  • If required, add postage.
  • Send it off!

2. If there is no return envelope, look for a website or phone number. Often you can call or go to their website to get removed from mailing lists.

3. If there’s an organization you do want to keep in touch with, contact them and ask them to switch to email only.

Let me know how it goes! Please send comments, stories, suggestions, etc to SpaceForYou.Us@gmail.com or 707-234-5281

- Peggy Wonder