"In a way that I had not managed to do on my own,

    Peggy helped me organize and purge -- in a space that was patient and judgment-free."


  • Give Yourself A Wish

    Describe what you wish would get tidied up or just disappear.

    I'll help you take the next step towards fulfilling that wish!


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  • Services

    Decluttering, Organizing, Coaching

    • Clearing surfaces
    • Tidying everything from junk drawer to storage unit
    • Arranging spaces to work optimally for you
    • Showing you secrets to managing your space

    I offer you

    personal support every step of the way

    -- online and in person --

    in Philadelphia, PA and Dripping Springs, TX


    "I am loving using my newly re-organized space, which translates directly into a newly re-organized life."​

  • Life Coaching

    when life overwhelms you, it helps to have an empathetic navigator

    These and many other experiences have stretched me and informed me:

    living 29 years in intentional communities,

    growing up in a Christian Science home,

    exploring familial holocaust history,

    living with sibling mental illness,

    accompanying my younger sister as caregiver,

    acting as communicator and transition manager for my dying father,

    transforming myself from a shy, removed, sometimes harsh, oblivious being, to the warm engaged person

    I had dreamed of becoming (!)

    People come to me for warmth, support and guidance as they wade through life challenges and decisions. Clients experience me as a partner with whom they can think out loud and discover new options.

    For more of my story, see the lower section of my landing page.  
    For more about how sessions work see here.

    If the times listed don't suit you, please text or leave a message at


    I have good friends, but Peggy provides me with steady reliable warmth and kindness that I treasure and rely on. She hears my pain and celebrates my successes. She accepts my weaknesses and shows me my strengths. I feel supported, partnered and held.
    Everyone should have a Peggy Wonder in their life! ~ Linda G. Miller, Los Altos, CA

  • Clutter Coaching for Kids!

    For parents who would love their kids to tidy up on their own.

    For kids who don’t even know they yearn to feel the confidence, pride and joy that comes from managing

    their space and their belongings.


    As a Personal Organizer and Coach, I help kids of all ages declutter, organize and learn how to tidy up.

    My approach to each person is shaped by their unique qualities, inclinations and needs. Together we devise sustainable storage systems by working (playfully) with their specific organizing style.


    "I was SO impressed with the work you did with Anthony, his engagement, openness and

    the end product.

    I really think you have something HUGE to offer parents and kids."

    ~ Isaias Franco, Special Education Teacher and Anthony's father, Petaluma, California


    I offer online and in-person sessions in Philadelphia and across the country -- for adults as well!

    If the times listed don't suit you, please email, text or leave a message at


    Peggy Wonder


  • Testimonials (by people like you)

    Peggy was sensitive to my feelings about items I had difficulty deciding to let go or keep. She celebrated steps of progress and encouraged me to do the same on my own. I’m thrilled that I could make so much movement on things that felt too strenuous to face on my own!

    ​-Elisabeth Seaman, Mountain View, CA


    Thank you so much for your help in organizing my work and sewing space. It is such a sweet setup. I’ve been easily finding things, and now I can jump right into some fun sewing projects.

    -Mary Grogan, Etlan, VA


    Peggy's love for the project created a positive atmosphere that made it easy for my mother to decide what to let go of. I was delighted with the great experience Peggy created.

    -Thompson Reichert, Houston, TX


    I have ADD and the chaos had become debilitating. Peggy got me “unstuck" and ready to continue moving forward with a manageable plan.

    -Sandi Weiss, Philadelphia, PA

  • What to Expect

    Professional organizing and empathetic support to ease change and inspire celebration.

    What will happen in our organizing sessions?

    A free phone or video consultation usually runs 20-30 minutes. We'll talk about your wishes, questions and concerns. Together we'll clarify your aims and desires. If you like, I'll email you a list of questions I might ask.


    I’ll send you a summary of our meeting with a plan and pricing. And we’ll schedule our first session.

    Your plan and the way we proceed will be tailored to your needs, both physical and emotional.

    Please contact me at SpaceForYou.Us@gmail.com or 707-234-5281 for a free consultation.


    How long does a session last?

    In-person sessions usually last 4 hours. I am available to work up to 6 hours at a time.

    On-line sessions usually last 1 to 1 1/2 hours


    Will you make me throw things away?

    You have the final say on everything. I may invite you to redistribute goods you don’t use and that don’t delight you.


    Are you vaccinated?

    I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

    For in-house sessions, please let me know whether everyone in your household is feeling healthy.


    Do you take photos?

    I encourage you to take BEFORE and AFTER photos so you can see and celebrate what we accomplish.


    You're welcome to send me questions using this contact form:

  • Payment

    Hourly Rate: $75 Minimum working time: 3-4 hours* Virtual appointments minimum: 1 hour

    Pay ahead for 10 hours and get 1 hour free!

    Please contact me for a free initial consultation. We'll discuss a project package if needed.

    Body doubling rates available on request.


    *depending on location and travel time.

    Forms of Payment accepted:

    Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Stripe

    Cancellation Policy

    Please give me the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice by phone (not email) when canceling or rescheduling an appointment.
    Cancellations made within 24 hours may be subject to a $75 cancellation fee.
    If you need to reschedule this appointment, please do so outside the 24-hour cancellation window by contacting me at

    707-234-5281 or SpaceForYou.Us@gmail.com

  • Hello! I'm Peggy Wonder.

    I love to organize things.

    I savor the pleasure of seeing objects arranged in useful and beautiful patterns.

    Peggy Wonder professional organizer, Philadelphia PA, Dripping Springs TX

    But what really lights me up is working closely with people as they comb through their belongings. It’s deeply satisfying to accompany a person through the challenges involved in decluttering, downsizing and reorganizing. I honor the intimacy my clients invite me into.


    Bringing order and harmony to the physical space opens up emotional, mental and heart space, too.



    I’m dedicated to minimizing what we add to the landfill. For every thing that needs a new home, I find a destination. I creatively repurpose clients’ containers for organizing and storage.


    I work with seniors

    and have experience helping ADHD clients with executive function and space organizing.


    I am here for you! Let’s figure out the next step together.


    By scheduling time with me, you begin the process of making space for you!



    "She encouraged me and gently pushed me forward, never judging what I had done or was doing about my belongings. Along the way she made sure we celebrated steps of progress and encouraged me to do the same on my own"


  • Let's make space  for you!


    Philadelphia, PA