Experiment, Tweak and Evolve

One way to lighten the organizing process


At Plaza Palooza, a spring time festival in my neighborhood, I gave away Mini Clutter Coaches -- see photos below. They work like traditional fortune tellers, but with tips for tidying up. Here’s a favorite of mine: experiment, tweak and evolve. Creating a new system for organizing an area --like perhaps a storage closet or your nightstand, can seem daunting. What should I keep? What should I get rid of? What goes where? What’s the best set up? Thinking you have to get it right can paralyze the whole process.

That’s why I like to think of setting up new organizing systems as experiments. Let’s dissolve the weightiness of decision-making. Let’s introduce a bit of playfulness into your space arranging. Try setting up that drawer, that closet, that shelving unit one way today, knowing that you can change it next week.

Give it a test run. Over the next few days, notice what works, what feels good and what doesn’t work about the new set-up. It may take a bit of getting used to. Usually the needed changes become apparent within a week.

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