Remote Space Organizing...

How it Works

Organizing remotely? Can you really do that? Yes you can! A health administrator in Scotland cleaned up a large shed, a freelancer in Queens, NYC tidied a closet, a physician in California decluttered a garage, and a mother in New Jersey brought calming order to her art studio -- while I guided and supported from another state (or continent).

Some used Zoom over a laptop; others preferred FaceTime or WhatsApp on their phone or tablet. As long as it’s portable and the room is fairly well lit, it works! During our initial free call, we clarify these details in order to make the most of the actual sessions

The session usually starts by taking a tour of the space to give me an idea of the scope of the job and the spaces involved (closets, floor, shelves, etc.). Then we determine together where to begin.

The elements of my role are the same in remote work as in person:

  • I guide you through processes of decluttering and re-organizing
  • I direct your attention to areas and options you may have missed.
  • I support you in decision-making, offering different perspectives.
  • I teach you principles of organizing, to add to your personal toolkit.
  • I give you homework if you want it.
  • I navigate the process. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed when you’re decluttering or reorganizing alone. I act as your personal GPS to help you avoid quicksand, to keep you moving step by step towards your destination -- and even to have fun along the way!
  • I track your progress and show you what you’ve achieved that you may not recognize on your own. And I celebrate with you!

Remote sessions are great for:

  • When you (or a friend/relative/colleague) and I live far apart.
  • When you just need an inspirational boost, not a full 4-hour in-person session.
  • After you’ve done an in-person session, to follow up and keep your project moving.
  • Checking in after you’ve done work on your own -- to answer questions that came up in the process and for tips on how to move past stuck points.
  • When you only have energy or time for sessions that last 1-2 hours.
  • Accountability. Scheduling time with me creates accountability for you. Often what seems insurmountable alone becomes surprisingly easy in my company.

If you’re still unsure, read a snippet of my Scotland client's effusive email :

“Working virtually was not a barrier in any way for me. Many practical things made the sessions effective.”

A couple of examples:

“As we worked virtually, you directed me to focus on small areas at a time or to tackle one area at a time, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Working with you helped me see that I could start with a manageable space, like a drawer, and work my way through the entire shed gradually. I was able to apply this approach during the session and later as ‘homework’ that I did on my own before our next session.”

“When you prompted me about ‘When was the last time you used this?" or ‘Does this item bring you joy?,’ it helped tremendously in determining whether to keep or discard items. I cannot see how that reflective work would be different virtually or face-to-face.”


Please call me to explore this possibility! (No charge.) And please share this link with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. I love helping people make space in their homes and their hearts!


Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash