The Maybe Box

How to let go of clothes gently

Having trouble letting go of clothes even though they haven't seen the light of day in years?

Try doing it in stages.

I like to keep two containers for giveaways. One is for the definite giveaways, ready to go. The second is for the “probablys” or “maybes.” Those bright red socks I never wear, the velvety pants that are too thin for the holidays, the hand-me-down t-shirt I might need for dirty work (except that I already have three). This Maybe Box sits below my laundry basket:

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This little system works well for me. If I change my mind about something in the box, I’m happy to see it again. And when I check the contents after 3-6 months, I find it easier to let them go. Sometimes, confirming a tentative decision later is easier than making a final decision now.

Much of organizing consists of breaking the process into small steps. The smaller the better!

If you're not getting around to it, want to accelerate movement or make the process less lonely/ more fun/ easier, I'm here for you!