Where to begin when you don't know where to start

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“I’m trying to wade through things in my mind and then decide where your help is most needed and what to focus on.”

Is this you? Trying to figure out the best place to start decluttering? The right question or project to focus on? Before you ask for help?

My free consultation is an opportunity to figure out the answer. During these phone conversations, I ask people what project or area they want my help with and how they would like me to work with them.

For example, some people prefer to work in a long concentrated day; others prefer two 2-hour segments. One person imagines working closely with me, while another wants me to sort things and then check in with them. Some see me as an accountability buddy; others want a guide/coach.

There’s no need to ruminate alone. The free call offers a way to take the next step - in conversation with me. I’m here to help you figure it out. It’s my desire and intention to work with you in a way that suits your needs, preferences and style.

Please schedule a free consultation here. If you have any trouble at all finding a time that fits your schedule, please text/call 707-234-5281 or email SpaceForYou.Us@gmail.com