Start big or small?

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A client asked me: I've been told that you should name the most daunting project on your list. You should do it first and begin first thing in the morning. Should I do that?

I asked her: How did it go for you?

She: I didn’t do it. And morning is not my best time.

No single rule works for everyone.

I like to start with a discrete smallish project that I know we can complete. Something we can get done within a short time. Something we can step back and see, even if it’s a stack of papers -- or the lack of a stack. Something we can celebrate!

The good feelings we generate about the task and about ourselves generate fuel to keep going! This energy and confidence propels us forward. With this success in our hearts, we more readily engage in bigger or more difficult projects.

Many things go into a good tidying experience. When working with a client, I might ask what time of day works best for them for a particular activity. And as we work together, I might suggest we take a break for a snack, a sip of fresh air or even the change of scenery of walking into another room. Through little experiments like these, we learn what works for us.

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Everyone is unique.